When we had a look at what Cybake could offer, I realised that, actually, they had thought of everything. Everything that I needed, even just some tiny things that may seem small, were inbuilt within the software, which takes a lot of hassle and headaches away.

Jo Atherley, G. Atherly & Sons

The key benefit is control. With Cybake, our store managers can change product orders, record waste and deliveries. This is sent to our bakery electronically, reducing manual processing and improving accuracy.

Graeme Mackie, S M Bayne & Co

Since changing systems to Cybake, we have been very pleased with how easy it is to navigate and how quick it is to access orders and make amendments. Cybake is uncomplicated in its design, and the reporting is great. We are very pleased we made the switch.

Dymphna O’Brien, Bretzel Bakery

Cybake is so simple and easy to navigate. It’s easy to mine our data to look at trends and the history of products and prices. Cybake is able to give us costing data very quickly so we can look at our gross margin and our cost price, so we’re really pleased with it.

Peter Gault, Gadsbys Bakery

Cybake is comprehensive. Everything’s all in one place for my job. It is also easy to learn. I’ve trained three people in just one day that can now use it while I’m not here. You don’t need to be completely IT-savvy to be able to use a system like this because most of it is self- explanatory and the support is absolutely fantastic.

Susan Ward, Barbakan Delicatessen

Cybake has given me control of my business and it’s given me the confidence to be able to grow my business because I know it’s under control. It’s very, very informative, it’s good to work with and your people are very good to work with as well.

Trevor Davidson, Davidson of Darras Hall

I absolutely love your program. It’s just brilliant, it really is. It’s 100% better than what we used to use. The invoicing, the delivery notes and everything is just so much more professional.

Lisa Baker, Taylors Bakery

I guess what Cybake does is really help us to deliver great customer service – it doesn’t make the bread for us but it does a lot of the other things.

Tom Herbert, Hobbs House Bakery

It’s been revolutionary. If you are using spreadsheets, then Cybake is a major step up. It gives you a lot more flexibility with your repeats and your ability to alter permanents and temporaries and things like that. The order entry stuff is almost idiot-proof.

Lara Oddie, WH Oddie

Cybake is a reliable, efficient and effective way to produce your production figures. Cybake is designed specifically for the bakery industry and the idiosyncrasies of the bakery business. Also important to us is integration with our shops, with the streamlining of stock and wastage.

Edward Chatwin, Chatwins Bakery

Cybake dovetails nicely with Sage, so it creates a seamless transition from production to accounts and collection. It is very intuitive so anybody can drop on it and cover. And it’s very reliable; it has never let us down.

Tony Duxbury, Sandersons Bakery

Company profile

We started creating ERP-class software solutions for the baking industry in 1998.

Since then, we’ve gained a reputation for friendly and reliable customer support, a deep understanding of retail and wholesale bakery, and for our expertise in cutting-edge systems and technology.

Now, bakers of all types and sizes rely on Cybake® bakery software to control their businesses, cut admin, improve efficiency and increase sales.