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Improve bakery production efficiency and control your costs

Reduce waste, improve accuracy and cut admin. Comprehensive, cloud-based Cybake® bakery software is all you need to control production in your bakery.

Create reports with our bakery management system

Management reports

Make the right decisions and manage your bakery better with accurate and clear reports including: product margins, which shows the percentage profit margins on each of your products; bakery stock-take valuation, which keeps track of your ingredient levels; adjustments, which tells you whether items are being short-delivered or returned; basket tracking; and more.

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Optimise picking process with our bakery management system

Picking lists

Clear, automated picking arrays eliminate errors, meaning happier customers. Cybake bakery software gives you the choice of how to you want to sequence the picking process: by products; round; driver; customer; product-type (e.g. breads, creams, pastries); and more to improve efficiency. Plus it helps plan how to pack your vans.

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Better control with our management software for bakeries


Make pricing your products easier and better targeted. Cybake bakery software lets you automatically increase prices by a given percentage or amount, either over your whole product range or for specific groups. Discount percentages can be set by category or according to overall invoice value. When ordering online, wholesale customers see the price that has been agreed with them for each product.

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Better reports with our software for a bakery

Production reports

Cybake generates clear end-of-day reports, saving time, replacing spreadsheets and making production more efficient. Reports can be detailed or in summary; by product; production type; decorations; customer; stock availability etc. Cybake also takes your orders, uses them to calculate accurate, fool proof recipes for your mixes and generates your prep sheets for you.

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Manage production with our retail bakery software

Production waste control

Reduce waste right across your bakery business. Cybake reduces waste by taking the guesswork out of batch size calculations. Accurate forecasting of retail requirement by store and by product also helps you get waste to the level you require.

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Manage recipes with our wholesale bakery software

Recipe management and costing

Recipe management in Cybake is super-easy with a clear, hierarchical structure that simplifies the complexity of recipes meaning far less errors or waste in your bakery. Cybake pulls your ingredient costs directly from your purchasing data straight into your recipe costings. No need for constant back-referencing, data re-entry or multiple manual recalculations – Cybake automates the whole process.

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Plan production with our bakery software

Technical module (allergens, claims, nutrition)

Ingredient information for each of your products feeds directly into Cybake bakery software’s technical module which works it all out for you, saving huge amounts of time and effort. Cybake cross-checks all ingredients and sub-components for the 14 declarable allergens and calculates your products’ nutritional and QUID data plus optional data on elements (protein, fibre etc) and all other claims and declarations (free-from, vegan etc). 

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Company profile

We started creating ERP-class software solutions for the baking industry in 1998.

Since then, we’ve gained a reputation for friendly and reliable customer support, a deep understanding of retail and wholesale bakery, and for our expertise in cutting-edge systems and technology.

Now, bakers of all types and sizes rely on Cybake® bakery software to control their businesses, cut admin, improve efficiency and increase sales.