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Cut accounts admin, errors and data re-entry

Smooth integration with your accounts system - bakery software

Smooth integration with your accounts system

Cybake® bakery software integrates easily with Quickbooks, Sage and Xero (and if you need integration with another accounts package, just ask). Cybake connects “under the bonnet” to your accounts software, so there is no need for manual and error-prone file transfers.

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Quickbooks integration - bakery scheduling software

Easily exports invoices and credits

As you generate invoices and credits with Cybake bakery software, the corresponding transactions automatically import into your accounts package eliminating manual data re-entry and recalculations.

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Sage integration - bakery management software

Clearer purchasing

If you use Cybake’s invoice matching tool, accurate purchase invoice transactions are generated and sent to your accounts package.

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Make life easier by connecting with your accounts package

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Company profile

We started creating ERP-class software solutions for the baking industry in 1998.

Since then, we’ve gained a reputation for friendly and reliable customer support, a deep understanding of retail and wholesale bakery, and for our expertise in cutting-edge systems and technology.

Now, bakers of all types and sizes rely on Cybake® bakery software to control their businesses, cut admin, improve efficiency and increase sales.