Automated Standing Orders

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Make standing or permanent orders much easier for you and your customers

Automated standing orders - software for bakeries

No need for manual input

Standing or permanent orders are an integral part of just about every bakery business. Cybake® bakery software provides full, automated support with no half measures.

Standing orders are automatically maintained in the background and can even be auto-adjusted from your sales history. There is no need for any manual input, copying templates etc. The orders go straight into production.

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View standing orders on a smartphone - software for a bakery View standing orders on a smartphone - software for a bakery

Complete store/customer visibility

Customers and stores can view and, if you wish, amend their standing orders on Cybake. This reduces the admin overhead at head office as well as enhancing customer service.

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Ordering screen - management software for bakeries

Accessible throughout the system

Standing or permanent orders can be updated and amended on Cybake bakery software's daily, weekly and "By Product" ordering screens.

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Company profile

We started creating ERP-class software solutions for the baking industry in 1998.

Since then, we’ve gained a reputation for friendly and reliable customer support, a deep understanding of retail and wholesale bakery, and for our expertise in cutting-edge systems and technology.

Now, bakers of all types and sizes rely on Cybake® bakery software to control their businesses, cut admin, improve efficiency and increase sales.