Why Cybake

How Cybake bakery software manages bakeries better

Commercial bakers of all types and size choose Cybake® bakery software to reduce costs, increase sales and improve efficiency. Here are some practical examples of how:

Better control with our management software for bakeries

Reduce costs

Cut time spent on admin

How? By streamlining your bakery office tasks into one, easy-to-use system, Cybake automates invoicing, recipe costing, production reports and management reports as well as integrating smoothly with your Sage, Quickbooks or Xero accounts system to drastically reduce time spent on admin, errors and data re-entry.

Cut waste in your shops

How? With automated shop ordering, waste is cut as orders suggested by Cybake are far more accurate than those by shop managers. Head office sets rules based on actual sales data, having considered the trading profile of each SKU. Guesswork about quantities to stock is eliminated.

Additionally, Cybake’s unique in-store production planning module uses advanced analytics to cut waste, increase sales and improve availability for your bake-off product range and sandwiches.

Tighten up your purchasing

How? Cybake’s purchasing module checks that you are only paying for the ingredients you have ordered and had delivered. It makes sure that the price you have been invoiced is the price originally agreed. Plus it keeps ingredient cost prices, and hence margins, in your Cybake recipes up to date.

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Local bakery - management software for bakeries

Increase sales

Win more orders and customers

How? Cybake comes with customer online ordering as standard which gives your bakery its own online product portal, letting your wholesale customers place their orders on their phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. New accounts are attracted by the convenience of ordering online and Cybake pushes messages about promotions or seasonal items to your clients.

Each wholesale customer sees their own easy-to-use, customized product list which tells them what items they have on standing order, what they have ordered before, when they ordered it and more.

Increase repeat business

How? Setting up customers’ standing orders or weekly orders within Cybake is perhaps the simplest way to retain and increase your repeat business. A clear interface that feeds straight into your production reports means you can analyze customer’s accounts properly and gives you better opportunities for upselling.

With customer online ordering, you can give your clients an even better experience by letting them make their own adjustments to their orders online. It also gives you the ability to push promotions and special offers straight to your customers, as well as attracting new business due to its convenience.

With Cybake’s driver delivery app, drivers can also amend customers’ standing orders and take orders for items on the spot or for a future date, providing better customer service and further opportunities for upselling.

Improve shop sales

How? With automated shop ordering, Cybake takes historical sales data direct from your EPOS tills via the internet and/or uses calculated sales figures to forecast shop orders in a way that is not practical manually. By getting the right goods on sale at the right times in the right outlets, sales are optimised each day, boosting gross profit.

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Improve efficiency with our bakery software

Improve efficiency

Automate your business processes

How? Using a comprehensive system to give you one version of the truth across all of your operations: production, retail and/or wholesale. With Cybake, there’s no more struggling with spreadsheets or paper-based systems and you are not held back by the limits of old software.

Easy-to-use Cybake gives you full visibility throughout your business to automate processes, minimise waste and boost profits. Cutting edge reporting and analysis provides greater insight into your bottom-line. For retailers, Cybake gives you true insight into shop profitability and reports on margins for every one of your products.

Integrate with your other systems

How? Linking smoothly to your other applications to save you and your staff endless hours of rekeying data from one system to another.

Cybake integrates easily with all the major accounts packages – Quickbooks, Sage and Xero. Data runs smoothly between Cybake and your accounts app for automated invoicing, giving colleagues unified records across your operation in real time. Cybake also handles EDI.

Similarly, Cybake integrates directly with the industry’s leading weighing systems, feeding directly into production reports, recipe costing and pricing, thus streamlining your processes and improving accuracy.

Integration with labelling systems is another huge time-saver as well as ensuring accuracy. Linking your labels to Cybake’s technical module automates your regulatory compliance (allergens/claims/nutritional/specifications) and ensures that the information is correct.

For retailers, Cybake integrates with your EPOS tills to automate the interchange of orders, sales, waste and stock transactions in real time between you and your outlets. There’s no need for data reentry; shop data goes straight into your production reports, reconciliation reports and management reports.

Streamline your logistics and go paperless

How? Cybake gives wholesale bakers delivery route optimization as standard. With our additional driver delivery app, your customers can now sign for goods on drivers’ phones instead of paper delivery notes.

There is no need to print out route maps, invoices and delivery notes, saving huge amounts of time, paper and printing costs. Drivers can amend customers’ standing orders and take orders for items on the spot or for a future date.

All interactions between drivers and customers are inputted straight into Cybake. Production requirements are adjusted accordingly throughout the whole system and the endless rekeying of data required by paper-based note-taking is eliminated. Plus colleagues spend less time on the phone at head office dealing with misunderstandings or chasing them up.

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Manage production with our retail bakery software

Added benefits

Cloud-based and mobile

Cloud-based applications like Cybake beat old software systems hands-down in three key areas: cost, convenience and reliability.

There is no need to run your own server or worry about networks; everything is delivered online. Cybake is subscription-based, so licencing costs go out of the window. And because improvements to the app are made automatically, the same goes for fees for upgrades or the costs involved in configuring them.

Cybake runs on Microsoft Azure: always on, fast and secure with state-of-the-art data analytics delivered from super-secure international data centres. There is no need to worry about your server breaking down. If disaster strikes your site for any reason, your application (and all the data it contains) is still safe and fully backed up.

Cybake works across all devices: mobile, tablet, laptop and PC so you and your colleagues can use it anytime, anywhere: in the office, on the shop floor, out and about and at home. Why settle for anything less?

Support and installation

Cybake is not hosted software packaged as “cloud” and it is not general-purpose business software reskinned in order to appeal to bakers.

We offer friendly and reliable support, full training and pain-free migration from out-of-date software. And because we know that busy bakeries don’t do downtime, we pride ourselves on smooth installation that will not interrupt operations; some Cybake users are up, live and running in just one day.

To talk about how Cybake can help your bakery reduce costs, increase sales and improve efficiency, get in touch today.

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Company profile

We started creating ERP-class software solutions for the baking industry in 1998.

Since then, we’ve gained a reputation for friendly and reliable customer support, a deep understanding of retail and wholesale bakery, and for our expertise in cutting-edge systems and technology.

Now, bakers of all types and sizes rely on Cybake® bakery software to control their businesses, cut admin, improve efficiency and increase sales.