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Sales-Based Shop Ordering

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Increase turnover per store by around 4%, cut waste by approx 20%

Cut waste and increase sales

Automated, sales-based orders suggested by Cybake's Instore module cut waste as they are far more accurate than those by shop managers.

Cybake analyzes historical sales data from your EPOS tills and/or calculated sales figures. By getting the right goods on sale at the right times in the right outlets, sales are optimized each day. Typically, Cybake's predictions increase turnover per store by 4% while cutting waste by around 20%.

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Save time in shops and at head office

Cybake Instore takes away the need for shop managers to spend time judging sales and adjusting standing orders. Plus, resources are saved on manual order-taking and analysis at head office, which gets orders, sales, waste and shrinkage data on any web-connected device – tablet, mobile, PC, Mac..

The module improves the availability of high volume, high margin lines and minimises wastage on lower volume, lower margin items. Head office can monitor orders and outcomes in order to refine Cybake Instore’s algorithms, improving the profitability of each line even further.

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Save money with reconciliation

Cybake Instore provides reconciliation of what was delivered with what was actually sold through the tills, highlighting any variances between the two.

With Cybake Instore you can also manage your shops’ orders for non-saleable items (cleaning equipment, packaging etc). This means that you can properly monitor their usage and shrinkage. This is a function that has saved users considerable (and sometimes surprising) amounts of cash over and above Instore’s usual cost-savings.

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Forecast shop orders and notify production automatically

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Company profile

Cybake is brought to you by RedBlack Software. We started creating ERP-class solutions for the baking industry in 1998.

Since then, we’ve gained a reputation for friendly and reliable customer support, a deep understanding of retail and wholesale bakery, and for our expertise in cutting-edge systems and technology.

Now, bakers of all types and sizes rely on Cybake to control their businesses, cut admin, improve efficiency and increase sales.