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August 26, 2022

If you are going to IBIE and you are interested in how bakery management software can streamline your business to make you more money, you can now pre-book a chat with one of our crack squad of professionals at the show.

These include Oprah Davidson, Cybake’s North American ambassador, an award-winning baker whose resumé includes production management at Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar and helping to teach bakery courses at the Institute of Culinary Education, both in New York.

Oprah, who has also been a presenter on BAKERpedia, spearheaded Cybake’s expansion into the United Sates after we opened for business in late 2020.

Recently, she was joined by Luke Karl, who spent 14 years at Dinkel’s Bakery in Chicago working himself up from a bakery apprentice to vice president, as our new USA Business Development Representative.

From the UK, we have Andrew Throup, Cybake product specialist, who is unquestionably one the leading bakery software experts in the world and was a programmer on the very first versions of Cybake.

Also on our booth will be Rachel Hindle, who, like Andrew, has spent the whole of her professional career in the baking sector. Before joining Cybake as our Business Development Manager in the UK and Europe, she worked at British ingredients giant BAKO, starting off in office admin and ending up as regional sales manager.

You can pre-book a chat at IBIE with a member of the Cybake team on Calendly here.

 Cybake ISB for in-store bakeries

Our founder and Cybake’s original creator, Jane Tyler will be joining us for IBIE.

Jane is particularly interested in talking to attendees from supermarkets, convenience stores and bakery restaurants about a product that we are introducing to the US market for the first time, Cybake ISB.

Cybake ISB is a retail production planning and management application that improves freshness, increase sales and cuts waste specifically for in-store bakeries.

Multilingual, cloud-based Cybake ISB tells in-store bakery colleagues the best combination of products to bake or make at the right times via tablets or mobiles by using forecasts and live sales data.

You can pre-book a session with Jane on Calendly here.

Jane is also speaking at the Retail Bakers of America’s Business of Baking (BOB) seminar on IBIE’s education day on September 17 about how bakeries can take advantage of artificial intelligence.

“The Cybake team are all the right kind of professionals to help bakers do it faster, better, and cheaper.”

Last but by no means not least, we are delighted to be welcoming RPIA president and bakery business author Rick Crawford CMG to our booth.

Cybake is the official preferred software provider for Rick’s RIPA group, which is an alliance of 118 retail bakery businesses with 442 outlets.

Rick says: “There is so much demand that has been building up since the last IBIE. Covid, increased wages and shortages on raw and semi-finished materials have meant everybody’s business model has changed.”

Rick adds: “The Cybake team are all the right kind of professionals to help bakers do it faster, better, and cheaper. Frankly, I am very excited for my baking friends to meet them and see the help they can use for a wonderful 2023.”

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Seamus Quinn is the communications manager of Cybake, Cybake USA and Cybake Australia.

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