Cooplands of Scarborough rolls out Cybake bakery software across entire retail estate and all three production sites

December 1, 2020

Belinda Youngs Cooplands CEO

The UK’s second biggest bakery chain, Cooplands, has rolled out Cybake bakery software across its entire retail estate of 170 stores and 12 cafes throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, County Durham and Nottinghamshire.

Scarborough, North Yorkshire-headquartered Cooplands has also implemented Cybake across its three bakeries in Scarborough, Durham, and Hull.

The first element of Cooplands’ Cybake rollout automated the replenishment of stock in each of its retail outlets. Cybake analyses Cooplands’ sales and stock data to get the right goods on sale in the right outlets each day. Using Cybake on tablets, store staff are thus helped to optimize sales and reduce waste.

Across Cooplands’ three bakeries, cloud-based Cybake now manages processes such as production sheets, picking notes, delivery notes, invoicing, and management reports, taking over from the bakery firm’s legacy, on-premises, Foodlogik system.

Cooplands’ makes sophisticated use of its three production facilities, with each bakery specialising in making certain products for the entire company, while other products are made at all three sites each day to guarantee freshness upon delivery. An equally advanced logistics operation means that it can deliver all products fresh daily across its large estate of stores.

Multi-day shelf-life

Over the last year, the two companies collaborated to incorporate, and improve upon, Cooplands’ multi-day shelf-life product and promotion stock replenishment system, making it easier to replicate the uplift of earlier campaigns and tightening up store replenishment even further.

Cybake also gives Cooplands’ area managers the data they need to allow them to monitor shop performance and review and amend orders remotely instead of having to visit individual outlets.

Like many Cybake users, Cooplands is a pan-generational regional household name. Coopland & Son (Scarborough) Ltd was founded as single shop in the North Yorkshire seaside town in 1885. Over the last 20 years, it has expanded considerably and is now Britain’s largest independent family bakery business.

Cooplands CEO Belinda Youngs says: “Cybake have been a great partner over the last year. This step is a big one for our business and the first of a number of technology-enabled solutions as the business grows with ambitious plans. There is still much we must do to use the full capability of Cybake over the coming year and we look forward to a long-term partnership.”

Jane Tyler, managing director of Cybake creator RedBlack Software, says: “Cooplands have been brilliant to work with. They knew exactly what they wanted out of the Cybake system and this has improved our product. Plus, as a family-owned independent business ourselves, we are proud to be associated with a craft bakery with such history and such stature.”

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