Cybake appointed as preferred supplier to USA’s RPIA retail bakers’ trade alliance

February 8, 2022

Cybake bakery software has been appointed as the preferred supplier to the American retail bakery trade organisation, RPIA.

Westfield, Indiana-based RPIA is an alliance of 118 retail bakery businesses with 442 outlets that share experiences, learn new methods, and form a formidable buying bloc within the USA. Each member must have annual sales of over $1 million per annum in order to qualify for membership.

The group was formed in 2001 and is the brainchild of baking industry veteran Rick Crawford, CMB.

As well as being a long-time bakery operator, and well-known industry figure, Rick is the author of the book How to Open and Operate a Retail Bakery and his CV also includes five years on the board of the Retail Bakers of America trade association.

Rick Crawford says: “I have been looking out for a next generation bakery computing application that would be powerful enough for RPIA’s members to come along for some time. I am now convinced that Cybake is that application. The Cybake team ticked all my boxes: product, service, history, operations, and even artificial intelligence for bakeries.”


Based in Philadelphia, U.S.A., York, U.K., and Melbourne, Australia, Cybake bakery software is used by retail and wholesale bakers to control their operations, cut admin and increase sales. The cloud-based application manages everything from orders, to invoicing, recipes, production, shop management, waste control, deliveries and more.

Cybake USA’s business development manager, Oprah Davidson says: “Coming from my background in commercial baking, it was a great privilege not just to be asked to join RPIA as a supplier, but to work alongside Rick Crawford, who is just as passionate about our industry as I am.

Rick only started putting the word out about our partnership a few weeks ago and we are already receiving so much interest. There is clearly a need for what we do and the solutions that we provide.”

Cybake managing director Jane Tyler says: “RPIA is an impressive, quietly influential, organisation that is headed up by a true baking industry leader. As we are already finding out, the RPIA group includes very many members who are properly systems focused. Rick Crawford has been closely involved in designing software for bakeries before now and he’s full of excellent ideas for Cybake’s future development. It’s a winning combination.”

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Seamus Quinn is the communications manager of Cybake and Cybake USA.

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