Cybake takes the orders at Genova Bakery

October 11, 2023

Genova Bakery uses Cybake software

Stockton, California-based Genova Bakery has installed Cybake bakery software to manage its business operations.

Genova Bakery was founded by Angelo Rolleri in 1918 and became a key bread supplier to the local area. The Rolleri family continued to operate the business until 2004, when it was taken over by one of their bakers, current owner Tim Canevari (pictured above).

Cybake is a cloud-based bakery management system used by retail and wholesale bakers to automate and control everything from orders to invoicing, recipes, shop management, waste control, production, deliveries and more.

Tim Canevari first met the Cybake team at last year’s IBIE expo in Las Vegas. Outlining why he chose Cybake, he says: “We were changing from a FileMaker platform that we had customized for us, or rather we’ve continuously customized over the years. We started using it in 2004, and so we were looking for something that would be a little more geared towards bakeries, and handled by a third party instead of everybody coming looking for me for answers when something went wrong with FileMaker.”

Explaining what his team use Cybake for, Tim says: “We use Cybake for all our bread orders, whether they’re for pickup here in our store from retail customers, or for our wholesale customers.

“We have customers that will call in to place their orders. With Cybake, they are able to log in to the Cybake shop and actually place their orders that way. We have a lot of customers doing that. We really like the customer portal for showing the pictures and the items. The customer can control their own standing order or just change the order for the day.”

Customer support

He is also very positive about Cybake customer support. “If I don’t get an answer right away, usually I’ll get one within a day. They are focused on helping the customer get going and learning their product and wanting the customer to utilize the tools available on site. So, I can’t say enough about the implementation team, they’ve been awesome.”

Tim Canevari also says that his employees are supportive of the move to Cybake. “Our dough mixers back there they, they like it, they’re getting used to it. Our production and our baker that sets up production every afternoon, he likes it. So, yes, I would say our employees that are using it, like it and are happy with it.”

Finally, when asked whether he would recommend Cybake to other bakers, Tim says: “I think it’s a great program. I looked at a few different programs before deciding on Cybake. I was already checking Cybake out online, so I was a little familiar with it. I met the Cybake team on site at IBIE, talked to them a little bit, they answered my questions and we just moved forward with the demo, and so I definitely recommend this to fellow bakers.”

Want to find out more or see a demo of how Cybake can cut admin, improve efficiency, and improve sales in your bakery? Contact us here, or use our LiveChat below.

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