New! Mobile invoicing improves deliveries and is perfect for C.O.D.

November 21, 2023

Stages of mobile invpoicing process from original order to adjusted invoice

Cybake bakery management software now gives your drivers the ability to generate mobile invoices for your customers when they take their deliveries.

Any adjustments to deliveries can now be made on the spot by your drivers on their mobile devices. New or amended invoices are then sent straight away to your customers via email.

Cybake’s new ability to issue on-the-spot, mobile invoices in real time solves three issues.

Firstly, it is a perfect solution for bakeries that take cash on delivery. Any adjustments due to shortages, oversupply or upselling are reflected in the freshly updated invoice your customer receives.

Goods, which are signed for electronically on your driver’s device, and cash change hands and all parties involved in the transaction – your bakery, your driver and your customer – are good to go.

Secondly, if your customer is on a credit account, what normally happens when your driver turns up and the delivery is short of some items? In most cases, the driver makes a manual note of the credits that need applying to that customer’s account on the paperwork.

At the end of their round, they hand in these notes at the bakery. Then, these notes are re-input into the system to ensure that the customer’s account is accurate and up to date.

Admin eliminated

Multiply this process by as many rounds as you operate, and you have a considerable admin job. Cybake’s new on-the-spot invoicing feature completely eliminates the need for this task.

Furthermore, it also cuts out the inevitable mistakes that are made when conveying hastily written information about credits and other adjustments on piles and piles of delivery notes.

Third, what happens when the converse is true? Your driver arrives and your customer decides that they need more or different items, or your driver upsells them. What system do you have to make sure all such sales are recorded and duly added to your customer’s account?

With Cybake, all these sales can now be recorded accurately by your driver without any loss of revenue from misrecorded items. And, once again, any admin surrounding them in your  back office is eliminated.

Cybake’s new mobile invoicing feature also has the benefit of being another of our paperless solutions. There is also an option for drivers to issue hard copy invoices with mobile printers, which is already in use by Cybake users in the USA.

Either way, mobile invoicing, conducted on the fly and in real time, is available now. To get started with this great new feature, which comes as part of Cybake’s Outbound delivery management option, contact us here.

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Rachel Hindle is the Business Development Manager of Cybake in the UK and the coordinator of the Independent Cybake Partners group.

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