Retail baking guru gives Cybake the thumbs-up

August 1, 2023

American retail baking guru Rick Crawford has written a great review of Cybake on LinkedIn that you can read here.

In his article, Rick says: “Many of my friends and colleagues in the bakery industry use this software and are big fans of it. I highly recommend this software because it can make a big change in your efficiency and your bottom line.”

If you are a commercial baker in the USA, you may already know Rick. If not, he can best be described as a true expert who has been there and done that in all aspects of the retail side of bakery and, indeed, written the book, How to Open and Operate a Successful Bakery (Premium Source Publishing).

Rick is also the founder The RPIA Group, an alliance of 135 bakeries across America. His piece about Cybake is part of a series of articles on LinkedIn aimed at helping members and non-members alike to navigate their way through our industry.

As well as taking a look at Cybake, Rick’s other recent topics include HACCP and cleaning charts. Plus, you can find more of his thoughts and advice on the RPIA website.

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Seamus Quinn is the head of communications for Cybake, Cybake USA and Cybake Australia.

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