Watch: Cybake bakery software at Béres Pork Shops, Sheffield

August 3, 2023

Bakery software at Beres Pork Shops

Cybake is celebrating its 25-year anniversary and to mark the occasion, we’re releasing the second instalment of a series of videos about our customers and their use of our bakery management software.

Our second short film is about Béres Pork Sandwich Shops in Sheffield, England. We spoke with the co-owner, Richard Béres, about their famous pork sandwiches, how it benefits from using Cybake and how Béres Pork Sandwich Shops became an institution in Sheffield.

Talking about Cybake, Richard says: “Cybake helps us, obviously, when you’ve got a lot of products going in, you need to know what is selling, you know? You need to forecast what you’re going to sell. Take, for example, something simple, like gingerbread men, you need to know what was sold and what you are going to sell next week.

“That’s what Cybake does. It looks at the last six weeks of data, gives you an average and gives you a cover. So, you can say, you know, ‘I’m going to do I’m going to sell this many’ and it will give you a cover so that you don’t run out. That’s essentially what it’s doing on every product from for me, from sandwiches, bread, everything.”

You can watch the full video on our YouTube channel here.

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Rachel Hindle is the Business Development Manager of Cybake in the UK and the coordinator of the Independent Cybake Partners group.

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