Watch: Cybake bakery software at Mediterra Bakehouse, Pittsburgh

August 16, 2023

Niko Ambeliotis talks about benefits of bakery software.

As part of Cybake’s twenty-fifth-year anniversary celebrations, we have released the latest installment of a series of videos about our customers and how they use our bakery management software.

Our new short film features Mediterra Bakehouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, where we speak to head of production, Niko Ambeliotis.

Mediterra Bakehouse operates a 40,000 square foot production facility, three cafés and a thriving wholesale operation.

In the video, Niko discusses how Cybake has reduced admin time and labor costs and says: “For me, personally, I handle all the numbers and running all the orders through the recipes and everything. And, for example, before, when I would run the daily numbers, it would take me forty-five minutes and now it takes me five minutes. So, it has saved me a lot of time and I am able to focus that energy towards something else more productive.”

He says that Mediterra Bakehouse’s business has grown 40% in the last year.

“This year, we’re on track to be a lot busier. Just having that little bit of extra free time is huge for me because that [time] was just for figuring out what we needed to make and the recipes, not even to mention the scheduling and everything to do with production. So that has freed me up a huge amount and I’m very grateful to have Cybake on our team.”

You can see the video below and on our YouTube channel or you can read the full story in the case studies section of our website.


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