Artificial intelligence added to Cybake after historic agreement with pioneering start-up CatsAI

July 21, 2020

Cybake creator RedBlack Software has signed a partnership agreement with artificial intelligence pioneer CatsAI.

The deal is thought to be a world-first between a developer of software for commercial bakers and a specialist in predictive artificial intelligence (AI).

As of today, RedBlack’s online Cybake bakery management system incorporates CatsAI technology. All Cybake subscribers now have the option to activate artificially intelligent sales predictions to further increase their revenues and drive down waste.

Cybake is York-headquartered, food sector cloud technology provider RedBlack Software’s flagship offering. The subscription based Cybake system is widely used by retail and wholesale bakeries of all types and sizes.

CatsAI was founded in 2018 by a team of analysts and AI experts with high-level tech backgrounds in blue-chip retail enterprises and the City’s financial markets.

The London-based start-up focuses on AI- and machine-learning-based sales and demand forecasts that help retail operators and their supply chains make better decisions.

CatsAI first came to the attention of the Cybake team after it put a call out to find bakers in the UK willing to trial its forecasts via the trade press in October 2018.

As they were already conducting AI research and development backed by the government’s Innovate UK department, Cybake’s creators were intrigued. Contact was made to explore possible collaboration.

Over a period of 12 months, Cybake and CatsAI maintained an open dialogue and explored how they could work together.

Accuracy and benefits

In December 2019, the Cybake team agreed to proceed with an enhanced trial of CatsAI’s technology to test the accuracy and benefits of its sales predictions at a store level for Cybake customers.

The two firms also worked closely to not just trial CatsAI’s software but examine how it could robustly integrate into Cybake.

These trials were a success. CatsAI proved that it could outperform more traditional methods used in sales and demand forecasting, leading to the Cybake team agreeing to integrate CatsAI’s solution.

Jane Tyler, managing director of RedBlack Software and Cybake’s original creator, says: “Having invested heavily in Cybake development in the last three years, we are leaders in forecasting not just for bakeries, but for supermarkets too. Because of this, it took a new, very compelling, approach to AI for us to even consider it. CatsAI has precisely that approach and so I am very pleased that Cybake subscribers can now exploit its capabilities. The use of artificial intelligence in commercial baking is not something that is going to happen some time in the future. Its time is now.”

Stephen Kinns, CEO and co-founder of CatsAI, says: “The past 18 months have been extremely exciting as our artificial intelligence technology benefits firms of all sizes with sales and demand forecasting. CatsAI removes the barriers to implement AI, which is up to 80% more accurate than traditional methods. Cybake’s end to end value chain solution makes them a great partner to exploit the power of our unique approach to AI to even more bakers. AI compliments the baker’s decisions, enabling them to focus on baking.”

To use Cybake’s new AI capabilities, please get in touch to add them to your subscription.

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Seamus Quinn is the communications manager of Cybake and Cybake USA.

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