Bakeries recommend Wix/WooCommerce integration with Cybake for online home delivery orders

June 18, 2020

Bakeries across Britain are now integrating Cybake with e-commerce websites to process their online home deliveries.

All Cybake users need to do is buy a subscription to a website building app like BigCommerce, Shopify, Wix or WooCommerce. We then import orders from the e-commerce site’s formatted Excel outputs, thus saving huge amounts of time otherwise spent on admin and order errors.

There is little need for manual processing. Orders go into Cybake which then puts them into production and can also organize picking, packing and deliveries. Set up is relatively easy and in, most cases, only takes a few hours.

Take Becws Môn (which translates to English as “Anglesey Bakery”), in Gaerwen, North Wales. Established three years ago, the bakery had gone a long way to being the go-to bread wholesaler for cafes, restaurants, and shops across the island (and beyond) before the current crisis hit.

Becws Môn’s Kelly Pattullo says: “We are a wholesale bakery and, with Covid-19, all wholesale trade went down because the cafes were closed. We had to change the company’s dynamics, so we started doing home deliveries.

“The website was very much a last-minute throw-together and Cybake’s been fantastic so far in getting everything together in such a short space of time. We had a few teething problems, but it was all new to everybody and now it’s working really well.”

The crisis hit virtually all independent bakeries in Britain. York’s Bluebird Bakery, which has a large wholesale operation as well as three shops, was one of the first to take advantage of our emergency e-commerce service.

Bluebird Bakery’s Al Kippax says: We used it for WooCommerce, so we just adapted our spreadsheets and it has worked very well for us; it is relatively simple to upload. Obviously, I was very impressed with the way you guys managed to turn it around so quickly as the crisis happened.”

Order errors

Another Cybake user that made the rapid switch to home deliveries was Watford’s Seven Seeded Artisan Bakery, a large wholesale business serving the whole of London.

Seven Seeded’s Ahamed Fahdan says: “It is better than the manual data entry we were using before we integrated our Wix site with Cybake. There were a lot of order errors – usually typing errors – with manual data entry.”

All three bakers say they would advise other bakeries to take advantage of our offer to help at this time.

Becws Môn’s Kelly Pattullo says: “Definitely go for it. It has been a lifeline for us with having to do home deliveries really quickly; and the way it’s integrated into the system has been really good. I would recommend it.”

The Cybake team is providing our online ordering service, plus implementation support, completely free of charge throughout the period that social distancing measures are in place.

If you use Cybake and you want to process your online home delivery orders better, please call, email, use our contact form or message us below.

If you don’t subscribe to Cybake but want to upgrade from your legacy back office program to our modern, cloud-based bakery management system, why not get in touch? We can start setting you up pretty much straight away.

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Jane Tyler is the managing director of Cybake creator RedBlack Software, vice-chair of the British Society of Baking and a regular speaker at food and technology industry events in the UK.

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