COVID-19: how Cybake is supporting our bakers

March 19, 2020

Like you all, the Cybake team has geared up for the current emergency. Unlike other types of tech company, we don’t have the option of hibernating this one out.

That’s because in any time of serious crisis, we know that bakers are at the forefront of the battle to keep people fed. And so, just as our users will be keeping their ovens going, we will be there to support them all the way.

As it happens, we’re a company that always has high availability (the ability to keep IT systems running no matter what) and disaster recovery at the forefront of our minds on account of our location.

Those of you that have visited our HQ in York will know that we are literally just around the corner from the Kings Arms. This is the pub that is shown, semi-submerged on the TV news every time the River Ouse floods our historic city. Check out the photo below and you can see why.

This means that should we be required to shut our office, colleagues shift easily to working from their home offices in a virtual environment. Indeed, most have already done so. Given that we run pretty much a serverless operation with everything in the cloud, this is not a problem.

The same is true of the bakeries that use cloud-based Cybake 4. If you or your office or other staff need to work from home, all they need to do is log into Cybake from their own devices to carry on with their jobs in a domestic setting.

For those of you shifting operations to focus on home deliveries, we have a developed a quick and easy way for you to take orders online, process them and schedule them into your deliveries with Cybake.

Full details will be released shortly. We will be extending your Cybake licence free of charge to make this happen. If this sounds like a good plan for your bakery, please get in touch straight away.

This is the first of several initiatives to help bakers through the Covid-19 emergency that we will be announcing over the next couple of weeks.

Whether you are a Cybake 3 or 4 user, rest assured that that customer support will run as smoothly as the situation allows. All planned development and implementation work will also continue as normal. We are always here to help online, by chat, by phone, by email or by social media.

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Jane Tyler is the managing director of Cybake creator RedBlack Software, vice-chair of the British Society of Baking and a regular speaker at food and technology industry events in the UK.

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