Cybake migrates bakers to the cloud without the fuss

July 24, 2023

If you are stuck on old bakery management software but worry about making the jump to a new cloud system, fear not. We are experts in helping bakeries migrate from old-school applications to cloud-based Cybake with the minimum of fuss and bother.

By old-school systems, I mean those that look like they were abandoned by their developers years ago and can only be used on site. Systems that get few, if any, updates and for which support is, at best, minimal.

You may well wish to do away with such a system. Who wouldn’t want to ditch the software licences, hardware, networking, security, and workarounds because of incompatibility with other apps?

Yet it’s also easy to be held back from modernizing because of concern over the time and effort you might have to put into migrating from the old to the new.

Around 25% of all Cybake implementations are such migrations and we pride ourselves on our skill, built up over 25 years, at making the process as smooth as possible. Ongoing, reliable, and friendly support from people who know the baking business is why bakers choose us.

In fact, our implementation team have migration down to a five-step process which can be summed up simply as: data, training, parallel run, go live, project completion.


To start, after you have decided which parts of Cybake you want to use, we have an initial meeting with you. It’s a bit of a brainstorming session that’s about understanding what you do and talking through what you plan to do with Cybake.

Our team members visualize themselves in your bakery. They try to find any nuances or anything that is a bit unique to your bakery and then it’s a question of, “Okay, how do we do that in Cybake?”. They are doing it the Cybake way, so it may be slightly different in terms of looks, but what we are trying to do is replicate things as close as possible to what you’ve already got.

As it happens, making the jump to a cloud system can often help simplify some of your processes. It’s an opportunity to look at slightly different ways of doing things.

There are various nuances of the old software applications, their ways of doing things, that we can spot. It may well be that you are doing things a certain way because those were the limitations of that software at that time; inflexible cut off times for orders being just one good example.

If you have been using the same system for years – decades even – then there will be a lot of data on things like recipes and old customer accounts that you no longer use and can now be discarded.

Once we’ve been through your data, we build it into your Cybake system. Then we run through training, usually starting with basic functions.


Once training is complete, it is time for parallel testing. We compare between both old and new systems, and, if everything is looking good, then you are in a position to go to live support.

Live support, as its name suggests, is where you start using your new Cybake system to run your operations with close live monitoring by our implementation team for a set period of time. This means we can check that everything is working as it should and that we are immediately on hand to help with any of your questions.

And then, that’s it. You are up and running with your 21st century bakery management system and we move to our project completion stage. This is where we double-check that you are completely happy and discuss any further parts of Cybake you may plan to use in the future.

As for how long migration takes, that depends on the size and scale of your operation. The majority of our new users put in a few hours of time here and there over the course of a few weeks before going live.

As you can see, we don’t go for a big bang, do-it-all-at-once, rip and replace approach. Instead, we use a tried and tested step-by-step process. While it is never effortless, migration away from old technology does not have to be disruptive or stressful.

If you are stuck on an old, on premises bakery management system and you would like to talk about migrating to the cloud, please get in touch on our contact page, via the webchat below, by emailing us, or by calling us on the numbers listed at the bottom of this page.

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Oprah Davidson is Cybake's ambassador for Northern America. She is a pro baker whose CV includes New York’s Milk Bar chain; the Institute of Culinary Education, New York; and product development for major U.S. bakery brands.

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