Cybake partners with Southern Retail Systems and Loftware for labels

February 24, 2022

Bakery software leader Cybake has formed a partnership with Ringwood, Hampshire, UK-based labeling equipment specialist Southern Retail Systems (SRS) and global labeling software giant Loftware.

Under the terms of the agreement, York, UK-headquartered Cybake and SRS have worked together to integrate Cybake bakery software’s technical module with Loftware’s popular NiceLabel labeling applications.

Cybake’s technical module cross-checks and generates all the food regulations information bakeries need about their products’ declarable allergens, nutritional and QUID data plus data on elements (protein, fibre etc) and all other claims and declarations (free-from, vegan etc).

NiceLabel allows users to design and store product labels centrally and print them from anywhere.

The new integration means that accurate food regulations information held in Cybake now populates NiceLabel software as a matter of course. This eliminates the labour-intensive and error-prone data re-entry and reformatting issues that typically plague this administrative task.

Paul Vogt (pictured above), the director of channel programs and alliances at Loftware’s office in Šenčur, Slovenia, says: “Accurate food and allergens labeling is more than mission-critical – it’s life-critical. We really value the partnership that we have formed with Cybake and Southern Retail.

“Between us, we have a terrific offer for the bakery and fresh food industry that makes labeling easy and very scalable. I am so impressed by the way that these excellent partners really care about every detail that customers need, so that labeling isn’t something to worry about anymore.”


Southern Retail Systems (SRS) are one of the United Kingdom’s largest suppliers of retail EPOS retail systems and food labeling machines.

Oliver Fisher, sales manager of SRS, says: “It’s fantastic working with a company that is as passionate and knowledgeable about their product as much as us, and we certainly see this when we work on projects with Cybake.

“They are easy to work with on integrations and show a positive outlook even on the more complex projects, which is why the customer chooses them and trusts their input. Both their and our customers have thrived and are now seeing excellent label output and improved efficiency in the bakeries and shops.”

Jane Tyler, managing director of Cybake and the software’s original creator, says: “This initiative builds Cybake’s strong tradition of working with others. Kudos to all the developers involved. By taking the complexity out of allergens and nutritional data labeling, bakers can focus on what they do best.”

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Chris James is a communications specialist for Cybake and Cybake USA.

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