Grants available for British bakeries to buy bakery software

October 25, 2022

Bakeries in the UK can now access a match-funding grant of up to £40,000 via a government scheme to buy and implement digital technology and management software.

The Made Smarter program helps bakers decide the best direction to move forward, advising them on purchasing emerging digital technologies and how they can use them to develop their business growth.

The government-backed scheme will greatly benefit bakers because it allows them to fund technological advances as well as utilizing the vast range of experience held by Made Smarter affiliates.

Bakeries can apply either directly to the Made Smarter scheme or via their local regional Growth Hubs, which are organizations set up to help manufacturing businesses develop in the United Kingdom.

Barry Jones (pictured, above) is a digital technology specialist at the West Midlands’ Marches Growth Hub who assists bakeries in their new digital journeys.

Barry says: “What we find is that most of the companies have an idea that they need a manufacturing system – sales order processing, recipe management and that sort of thing. They don’t necessarily know how to get to it or what’s going to be the best product to fit the business.

“There’s no charge to client whatsoever. We’re there to support them in their digital journey. We want to be sure that they’re also driving us, so we tend to ask them a lot of questions.”

Planet Doughnut

Barry and his team helped Shrewsbury retailer Planet Doughnut to implement Cybake bakery management software earlier this year. Established in 2017, Planet Doughnut operates six stores with plans to open more in 2023.

Planet Doughnut director, Duncan McGregor says: “It will allow a more streamlined and automated order process, allowing better tracking of cost and productivity.”

Asked whether working with Made Smarter has made it easier to get up and running on Cybake, Duncan added “I couldn’t have done it without it, that’s for sure.”

The Growth Hubs achieve their success by working with other manufacturing experts. Ro Ballard, director of Measures Expansion Agency, for example, works alongside Barry Jones to help bakers migrate from old, out of date ERP systems to Cybake.

Ro says that his main aim is to reduce the stress on a bakery by creating, cleaning, and migrating the data himself.

He explains: “You have an incredible system but unless the company is prepared to employ someone who knows data, there’s only so far, you’re going to take it. Because, essentially, you’re taking on someone who used to put info on paper and now puts digits into a machine. That’s fine, but there’s so many more things that bakery management software can do which can make everyone’s lives better.”

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If you are interested in cutting admin, improving efficiency and increasing sales with Cybake bakery management software and taking advantage of the Made Smarter scheme, please get in touch for a chat and a demo. 

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