Sales-based ordering solution to debut at lunch!

September 15, 2015

Here’s only a week to go until the lunch! trade show at London’s Business Design Centre where we will be previewing a brand-new offering, InStore.

InStore is our new cloud-based suggested ordering solution for retail bakers. Instore corrects shop managers’ assumptions about consumer trade-offs, cuts out the guesswork and puts you in control of your stores.

Imagine if your best-performing shop manager did all your ordering for all of your shops. Then imagine that they did this by taking into account historical sales data from your tills. What would be the result? Optimised retail sales? Less wastage? Maximised profits?

Put simply, this is what InStore will do for you. The difference is that head-office drives the process and sets all the parameters. In tests, ordering with InStore yields better results than those by the most canny shop managers.

Want to know more? Come and visit CyBake at stand A204 at lunch! (September 24-25) to be one of the first to see InStore in action.

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Jane Tyler is the managing director of Cybake and was the bakery software’s original creator. She is a regular speaker at food and technology conferences and is also known for championing the cause of food waste reduction.

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