The Bread Social installs Cybake and recommends it to other bakeries

June 14, 2023

Byron Bay, New South Wales-based The Bread Social has installed Cybake® bakery software to manage its retail and wholesale business operations.

The Bread Social was established by seasoned bakers, Tom Scott, Sam Saulwick and Paul Giddings, who set up shop on The Farm, an 84-acre community project and collection of businesses, in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, in 2015.

Their bakery shares The Farm site with noted restaurant Three Blue Ducks, whose owners initially helped Tom, Sam, and Paul to obtain their own space. The Bread Social then added shops in Tweed Heads (also NSW) and both Isle of Capri and Currumbin Waters, just over the state border in Queensland.

Cybake is a bakery management software system used by retail and wholesale bakers to cut admin, improve efficiency, and increase sales. Cloud-based Cybake is available in Australia, the UK and the USA, and manages everything from orders to invoicing, recipes, production, shop management, waste control, deliveries, and more.

Explaining why The Bread Social chose Cybake bakery software, Paul Giddings says: “Where it’s saved us time and money is in our office. The main function of Cybake for us is all based around our wholesale operation. So, obviously, having the front-end online ordering portal means our customers can now place their own orders – we use that quite strongly.

“Then, from there, we use it for production reporting. This tells the mixer operators how much they need to be mixing for each dough, which is then translated into each product.”


Josalyn Price, business development manager at Cybake Australia, says: “Working with The Bread Social is great; they are a fantastic team, very genuine with a passion for their products and service. It has been exciting to welcome them into the Cybake user family and I am looking forward to visiting their new site in Currumbin Waters.

“Since we launched in February 2022, we have added twelve bakery businesses in Australia and, judging from the interest Cybake received at last month’s Baking Trade Show, I am looking forward to that growing and a busy year ahead.”

Paul Giddings adds that Cybake lets his staff focus on one job at a time: “Cybake has allowed us the opportunity to centralize our office and have a more dedicated team that can solve issues on the run rather than detract from the bakery manager’s job of trying to keep production flowing and keep the jobs happening.”

Asked whether The Bread Social team would recommend Cybake to other bakers, Paul replies: “Yeah. And we have.”

To learn more, read the full The Bread Social case study.

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