Watch: Cybake bakery software at Fitzbillies, Cambridge

April 17, 2023

Cybake is 25 years-old this month and to celebrate we’re releasing the first of a series of videos about our customers and their use of our bakery management software.

Our first short film is about Fitzbillies artisan bakery and tearooms, in the ancient university city of Cambridge, England. In it, we talk to Alison Wright, the co-owner of Fiztbillies, about her bakery’s remarkable 103-year history, how it benefits from using Cybake software, and why its famous Chelsea buns are so popular.

Talking about Cybake, Alison says: “I think if it wasn’t for Cybake, it would be very difficult for us to run the business in an organized way.

“We’d probably be doing it off lots of not quite fit-for-purpose spreadsheets. So, for us, the good things about Cybake are that it’s kind of pre-programmed by someone else to know what a bakery needs it to do, as opposed to having to make your own spreadsheets, basically.”

You can watch the video on our new YouTube channel here.

If you are a Cybake user, and you would like us to feature your bakery in this series of videos, please contact Chris James at chris.james<at>

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Seamus Quinn is the head of communications for Cybake, Cybake USA and Cybake Australia.

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