Coming to America: Cybake touches down in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh

November 15, 2019

Jane Tyler, managing director of Cybake bakery management system creator RedBlack Software, is flying to the United States today on a trade mission to Pennsylvania.

Jane and her team’s visit comes after the UK government’s Department of International Trade linked RedBlack up with the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s Office of International Business Development.

After stopping off to visit a couple of bakeries in New York, the Cybake crew will travel to Philadelphia to meet local bakers, bakery consultants and food industry academics courtesy of the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce and the University City Science Center. After that, the team are off to visit some bakeries in Pittsburgh.

RedBlack managing director Jane Tyler explains: “After Cybake became a completely cloud-based product in early 2018, its global market appeal widened significantly. We now get international enquiries about our software on pretty much a daily basis. Around half of these come from the States, so we’re keen to open our first office in North America.

Pennsylvania looks ideal. There’s a really deep baking heritage and there are a lot of great commercial bakeries that really fit our customer profile.”

So, If you’re a Philly or Pittsburgh-based baking business and you’d like to talk about the cloud-based bakery management solution that’s catching on around the world, why not get in touch? There are still a few slots left in the Cybake team’s itinerary, so it could be that we’ll see you very soon!

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Seamus Quinn is the communications manager of Cybake and Cybake USA.

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