Cybake updates: upselling for vans, BI for stock, better ordering for wholesalers

March 18, 2022

Heads up, Cybake users! The latest set of updates to your favorite bakery software includes three new ways to for you to reduce costs, increase sales and improve efficiency.

New additions to Cybake include stock valuation and vehicle stock reconciliation features, as well as improvements to the importing of CSV files of orders for wholesale bakeries.

First up, Cybake now includes a Van Stock Reconciliation module which allows drivers to upsell to customers while making deliveries, turning vans more into mobile shops.

Keeping accurate records of van stock is good practice, as it means shrinkage and waste are dramatically reduced. In Cybake’s case, stock is recorded at the end of the day for each van. Production reports can be run to automatically exclude any carry-over van stock, reducing over-production. Van loading reports are generated so that pickers know which products need to go on which van, ensuring order fulfilment and happy customers.

This means that you can lower the amount of overall production waste and head office gets accurate van stock reporting.

Next, it’s yet another addition to Cybake’s arsenal of business intelligence dashboards, a new Bakery Stock Overview report. We’ve created this one so that bakers can see at a glance, what their opening stock is versus how much has been used based on dispatch. This allows bakers to see exactly how much ingredients stock is left.

Ingredients usage report

In addition, the Bakery Stock Overview’s module includes an ingredients usage analysis report. This estimates the variance between what a bakery’s has sold and what stock has been used, which means Cybake users can easily identify areas of waste within stock and other anomalies.

The Bakery Stock Overview module also includes a data validation report that allows a baker to check what ingredient is used in each product and the percentage make up of each ingredient. Bakers can now see what the price of each ingredient is, how much is used per day, and check that each recipe is correct. This reduces human error and wastage across the businesses.

Lastly, but importantly, the importing of wholesale orders into Cybake has been made easier than ever.

Cybake users can now import their wholesale orders from any source if they create a CSV or XLS file and map the headings correctly. By doing this, our users can save huge amounts of time as it means you can move between e-commerce sites with ease. Crucially, this new import feature allows for the centralization of production and ordering across multiple sites.

Need a demo or discussion about using any of Cybake’s new modules or features? Then get in touch today!

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Chris James is a communications specialist for Cybake and Cybake USA.

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